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Attorney Gibbs handled a medical malpractice matter for me.  Even though all of the evidence seemed to be in favor of the physician in question, Ms. Gibbs took me at my word and we ultimately won the case!  Two previous lawyer refused to take my case but Attorney Gibbs was not discouraged.  She is compassionate, hard-working and very approachable.  She even gave me her cell phone number.

Attorney Dawn Gibbs was wonderful to work with!  We interviewed several different local attorneys but found most to be rigid and cold with pricing we honestly could not have afforded.  Meeting Attorney Gibbs was a breath of fresh air.  Her pricing was more than fair and she was so easy to talk to.  She took on our case as if it were her own.  She was available to answer my endless string of questions at all times and never made me feel as if I was just one client in the midst of many.  In a legal field saturated with attorney’s who are only trying to run up billable hours, Attorney Gibbs puts her whole heart into each case and works tirelessly to accomplish a positive outcome for her clients.  You won’t be taken care of better anywhere else.

I retained attorney Gibbs to assist me with estate matters following the death of my husband of 43 years.  Unfortunately, my husband and I thought we would live forever and never planned for our death.  As a result, when I contacted Ms. Gibbs, everything was in a financial mess.  It was an overwhelming experience and without the calm, professional guidance of Attorney Gibbs through the estate process which is incredibly complicated, I do not know how I would have survived.  In addition to handling the estate, Ms. Gibbs encouraged and supported me every step of the way.  I strongly recommend Attorney Gibbs to anyone in need of an exceptional attorney.

I hired Attorney Dawn Gibbs for 2 matters: a bankruptcy case and my divorce case.  Once I hired Ms. Gibbs, she immediately began working on my case.  Whenever I had a question of any kind, if she could not speak to me personally, her staff was always willing to help.  She was very prepared when we went to court and she explained to me what would happen every step of the way.  She is an attorney who deeply cares for all of her clients and will fight to get each client what he or she deserves.  I would hire her again and again.

Be Heard with a Greensboro Lawyer!