A Greensboro Bankruptcy Lawyer You Can Trust


When you are drowning in debt, you may constantly worry that you will lose your home to foreclosure, your car to repossession, and your sanity to the constant stress. If your heart pounds every time the phone rings in fear of another collection call, it may be time for you file for bankruptcy.

For many people, filing for bankruptcy is a way to immediately stop collection calls, erase debts, and start paving the road to a fresh new life. Attorney Dawn Gibbs’ professionalism, commitment, and knowledge of bankruptcy law will give you the help you need during this tough time. Her prompt personal service and uncompromising commitment to your case will help you bring order to your life, pay off your debts, and get back on your feet. If you need to file for bankruptcy in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, or another North Carolina area, Attorney Gibbs can guide you through the legal process and help you achieve a fresh financial start.

Should I File for Bankruptcy?

From retired couples who have seen their home equities wiped away, to struggling young families overwhelmed by credit card debt, Attorney Dawn Gibbs has helped financially distressed clients from all walks of life. When you meet for your first free, confidential consultation, Attorney Gibbs will explain your options and help you determine which way you should file. Generally, most individuals file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the most common form of bankruptcy in the U.S. Generally, it is when a debtor’s nonexempt property is liquidated and distributed to creditors. While this may sound frightening, it may be the best path for immediate relief.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, also known as a “wage earner’s plan”, allows individuals with a regular income to repay their debts over the course of 3 to 5 years. By the end of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process, most if not all of your debt can be eliminated.

If you’re unsure which option is the best one for you, Attorney Gibbs will help guide you to the best decision. Once you have determined which way you would like to file, she will assist you with gathering the necessary paperwork and, if necessary, represent you in bankruptcy court.

Experience the Freedom of Debt Relief

When you begin to file your initial bankruptcy paperwork, you may feel like a failure. But the only true failure is ignoring the problem until it becomes even worse. In reality, filing for bankruptcy a courageous first step towards taking control of your life and ending your anxiety, fear, and worry for good.

Attorney Dawn Gibbs’ committed, dedicated assistance will aid you during this very difficult—but temporary—chapter in your life. She will work to make you truly debt free so that you can experience financial relief and get back on your feet again.

If you need to file for bankruptcy in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, or another Triad area, contact the office of Attorney Dawn Gibbs today for a free, confidential consultation.

Reasons to File for Bankruptcy with Attorney Dawn Gibbs

Whether you are in debt because of an uninsured medical expense, unemployment, high car loans and credit card bills, or a home payment you cannot afford, filing for bankruptcy can give you a clean slate, enable you to make better choices in the future, and resolve any family difficulties you may be experiencing. Below are some of the best reasons to file for bankruptcy with the office of Attorney Dawn Gibbs.

  • Lower fees:Attorney Gibbs will do everything possible to make the bankruptcy process affordable for you and your family. Since small firms have lower fees, working with Attorney Dawn Gibbs will be less expensive than working with a large firm.
  • Free initial consultation:When you contact our office, we will schedule a free initial consultation so that Attorney Dawn Gibbs can advise you on your bankruptcy options. Weekend and evening consultations are available. Contact our office by phone or email to schedule your free consultation today.
  • Stop creditor harassment:If creditors are calling and harassing you at all hours of the day or night, Attorney Dawn Gibbs will put an immediate stop to it. Once Attorney Gibbs has filed your bankruptcy, you will experience peace and quiet again.
  • Extensive bankruptcy experience:Attorney Dawn Gibbs has filed numerous bankruptcies, many of which resulted from client referrals. Ms. Gibbs’ experience in all areas of bankruptcy continues to generate positive results for her clients.

Debt can impact you and your family in almost every aspect of your life. You deserve a bankruptcy lawyer who truly cares about your financial future. Attorney Dawn Gibbs’ commitment, dedication, and knowledge will assist you during this very difficult—but temporary—chapter in your life. She will work to make you truly debt free so that you can experience relief and get back on your feet again.