Social Security Disability Lawyer in Greensboro NC

If you have an illness or injury that interferes with your ability to work, you may be entitled by law to certain Social Security benefits under certain circumstances. Attorney Dawn Gibbs, an experienced Greensboro attorney, understands that winning your Social Security Disability claim is vital to your health and your family’s wellbeing. Whether you are applying for Social Security for the first time, or have been denied multiple times, the Law Office of Dawn Gibbs is ready to provide powerful legal representation that will help you win the Social Security benefits you deserve.

A Powerful Voice in Your Corner

When you are overwhelmed by the seemingly insurmountable amount of bureaucracy involved in filing your Social Security Disability claim, remember that you are not alone.  Attorney Dawn Gibbs understands the inner workings of Social Security Disability law and will provide you with compassionate, powerful legal assistance.

Attorney Dawn Gibbs can assist with Social Security Disability claims for the following circumstances:

  • Mental health impairment
  • Spinal and musculoskeletal impairment
  • Orthopedic impairment
  • Substance abuse (accepted on a case-by-case basis)
  • SSI (Supplemental Security Income) 
  • Children’s disability
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

If you believe that your claim has merit, don’t give up. You deserve the benefits to which you are entitled, and Attorney Gibbs will help you fight for them.

Challenges of Filing a Social Security Disability Application

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be a confusing and intimidating ordeal.   One missed deadline or misfiled paper may force you to start the process all over again, thereby adding years to your wait. Working with a professional, experienced North Carolina lawyer is the best chance you have of winning your claim. Attorney Dawn Gibbs will serve as a liaison between you and the Social Security Administration throughout the entire application process and provide your case with the attention, time, and dedication it deserves. If you decide to pursue your case until the end, Attorney Gibbs will personally attend the hearing with you and face the judge at your side.

If you would like to begin the process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits, or if you would like to better understand your Social Security application status, contact the Greensboro office of Attorney Dawn Gibbs today for a free, confidential consultation.